Across the Crowd.

Across the Crowd.

A while ago I spent a fine day at Venice beach just like any other Southern California resident. Walking around the famous boardwalk with camera gear breathing in the ganja and people watching is something home to Venice. While walking around, my attention gets pulled to a young black woman, short hair, hat, drums, and some amazing skill. Street performers litter the boardwalk, some good some just hilarious and others just plain strange.  This young lady was something else. Listening to her iPod and doing a drum over with perfect fluency had me impressed. Not only that, the beat of her drums had those who walked by throw a little jig into their step. I watched her for about ten minutes or so, gave a nod and a wave and received a smile back. 

A few hours later I'm at the infamous skatepark shooting photos, watching Obama (obviously not the pres.)  roll around trying to sell weed on a beach cruiser and picking out those who will get trampled by the locals. Always a good time. I see a young black woman in a hat with her iPod in with a board show up to the line up. I guess the show was over and now it was time for her to impress me even more. This girl shreds. A couple of goes and she boardslides across the fat rail on the hip as seen in the photo. Contrast is key with this picture. I'm talking photographic, ethnic, gender and lifestyle contrast. It makes has me elated to see someone enjoying themselves. This girl was just something else out there. One of two girls shredding the bowl of Venice, flying through the traffic with skill, precision and that same huge smile I saw a few hours before. 

As I left, I made sure she knew I was impressed by giving her a thumbs up and a smile back. I wish I had got her name so I could give her this shot. Hopefully some how some way, she can get another smile from seeing herself shred in the photo above. If anyone reading this recognizes her, please pass the word along, I owe her a print.

Anyway, thanks for listening. This photo is just a standout to me among my collection of adventures. Just wanted to share.