Andrew's '69 Merc.

Andrew's 1969, Mercedes 280SE. 

Here's the story: 

After work one day, I decide to check out this cafe down in San Juan Capistrano, California. I park off the main street and decide to walk. Little did I know, I chose the right side street to take a stroll. I see a classic Mercedes out of my peripherals - of course I had to admire the German art piece. As I get closer, I see a few things that scream "HOLY SHIT, this ain't stock". First thing I see is this red pipe hanging off the bottom of the car. I go investigate and notice the dual side ported 2-3 foot mufflers with the charred paint left hanging above the exhaust exit. As my eyes come up to the windows, I take a look inside and see the bare-bones of a monster. Transmission naked on the floor, small block v8 burning your leg hairs off as you sit with three hand fabricated pedals, steering wheel and shifter. This thing was incredible. I decided to take off and go grab my coffee after creeping around the poor guy's driveway for a good ten minutes. On my return trip to my car, I see Andrew fall back in his Buddy Club seat and attach his steering wheel. I sit back and brace for the sound of the v8 turning over. The "'69 deathwagon" has a muffled voice on idle, but believe me, she sounds like a goddess as she tears up the asphalt. 

A month or two later I return to the cozy little neighborhood street for coffee, but also on a mission to leave a pathetic napkin-note for the master behind the beast. Sure enough, a few days later I get a text from Andrew, a Marine and craftsman who has fabricated everything on the car himself. The shoot is set, and sure enough at 6:30 a.m. on a weekend I get to play around with this beauty. Obviously the conversation about the car consisted of plans for the car and its background. Ladies and gentlemen, look for this monster at Pikes Peak burning tires on some of the most intense road on this planet. The Merc' is being built to run Pikes Peak currently harnessing the power of a Chevy small block v8. The future holds a supercharged v8, along with a full welded cage for protection (if you've seen the video of Jeremy Foley in 2012... you know the importance of a cage).

A fun fact about the aesthetics of the car is that the mufflers, shifter and steering wheel are fabricated from random spare metal and tools found in Andrew's garage. Additionally, the Merc' is soon to get a face lift with box fenders and 295 fatties all around giving the car the needed traction. I look forward to getting to see the beast in her final form. 

I want to thank Andrew for the awesome shoot. I can't wait to have a new project tab for the deathwagon once she's done!