Long Beach Grand Prix 2016

Before I knew it, the yearly grand prix in Long Beach California was just days away. 85 dollars later I had my weekend tickets. Yet another year behind the fences. However, I do have to say, being stuck behind the fences in the general population keeps your creativity flowing. Sure, all the lucky guys who get to shoot through the holes in the fence get the great shots, but they have it easy. Stacking filters, shooting wide open to lose the fence; longer pans than the "pros"; anything to stand out. It's always a challenge, and always fun. I don't get anywhere near filling my card each year, I just get a hundred or so photos each day just for fun, then I focus on not going deaf and getting high off the sweet smell of some high octane race fuel. Why let the experience to go waste? I see kids switching settings and staring through a viewfinder or checking their stupid Instagram the whole day when they could be enjoying the rush of the exhaust notes beating your heart for you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photoset. Obviously as you'll notice, I am fan of the IMSA and GTLM cars artistically. Indy is more fun to watch with the eyes and ears. Enjoy, and thank you for the love and support! 

Sean Krinik2 Comments